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The prices listed below are daily rates and are all-inclusive; they include your freedom to photograph anywhere on the ranch, a professional guide, and bait for raptors. The guide can provide as much or as little photography instruction as you're comfortable with (see the Guides page).  Deposits are collected by credit card.  Please use the Contact Us area below to get started.

1 photographer:  $225 
2 photographers:  $210 each  
3 photographers:  $195 each
4+ photographers:  $185 each  

Mention that you're a prior Alan Murphy workshop customer to receive a discount!

Thanks! Message sent.

2023/2024 Prices

Contact Us

The prices listed below are daily rates; they include your freedom to photograph anywhere on the ranch and a professional guide during your trip. The guide can provide as much or as little photography instruction as you're comfortable with (see the Guides page). 


Please use the Contact Us area to the right to get started. Reservations are confirmed via email.

1 photographer:  $280 
2+ photographers:  $240 each  

If you are photographing alone on your trip and someone joins you in the blind, your rate will decrease to the multi-person rate.

Cash or checks are accepted for payment.  Talk with your guide to see if they will accept credit cards.

Thanks! Message sent.

After you've booked a reservation, you may have some questions about the specifics of what is included in a typical day at the ranch.  Please view this page which is sure to answer many of your questions. 

A Typical Day at the Ranch

Directions to Laguna Seca Ranch

from Hwy 281 Northbound

Traveling north on Highway 281, exit on Laguna Seca Rd (turn left).  This exit is 1.8 miles past the exit for Highway 490.    

After traveling for 2.8 miles, you will come to a dead-end.  Turn right at the stop sign.

After traveling for 1.3 miles, you will come to another dead-end.  (The Laguna Seca Ranch historical marker is at your 2 o'clock.)  Turn right at the stop sign.  Follow this road which jogs to the left and again to the right.

After traveling for 1.9 miles, you have arrived at the ranch entrance (shown above).  The gate is the only gate on your right (East) side.  If you see a sign for the Buenos Aires ranch, you have gone too far.

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