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Song Bird Blinds

Our professional photo blinds have been designed with photographers and their needs in mind. Each is equipped with various tools and accessories to help our visiting photographers obtain the best possible images.

The interior of each permanent, below-ground blind has solid floors with rubber cushioned floor covering to deaden sound and help prevent mishaps when things get dropped. Along the back wall you will find additional tools, some hooks for hanging camera bags, binoculars, other gear, etc., and a tub filled with extra camouflage curtain material, clothes pins, and other accessories.

Near each of the blinds with water holes, we have constructed a tools & accessories wall as well as a wooden box that holds seat cushions and seed trays. The water level is maintained by an automatic float valve system, but you can raise the level slightly by using the nearby water hose. Large tripod feeders attract birds and other wildlife year-round by spreading bird food daily on the tray below them.

Raptor Blinds

"With the best raptor blinds in the Valley, I plan on being at Laguna Seca Ranch for many years to come." 

- Alan Murphy, professional photographer and guide

We take a lot of pride in our Raptor Blind setup.  We are constantly maintaining and upgrading this area of the ranch.

Some important features:

  • 3 morning blinds (1 below-ground, 1 ground-level, and 1 elevated above-ground)

  • Blinds are elevated and at ground level

  • Blinds are of permanent construction, spacious, and comfortable

  • No trees within at least 200 feet--perfect backgrounds

  • 14 photographers can be seated comfortably at the same time in morning blinds

  • Dozens of perches

  • Raptors fed regularly, even when there are no photographers present

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