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May 2023 Workshop

A select three-day workshop for only three photographers on May 19-21, 2023!  The Laguna Seca Ranch owner, Gene Gwin, will be the workshop leader.  The main emphasis for this workshop will be on Spring migrants with a primary focus on Painted Buntings. 

Based on the success of our March 2023 workshop, we have decided to host another workshop this May.  With Spring migration right around the corner, this is an awesome opportunity to get one-of-a-kind pictures of the migrants passing through the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  We are geographically positioned in an amazing area when it comes to migratory patterns of birds as they fly northward in the Spring. 

The cost is $1,500.00 for the three-day workshop.  The cost does not include lodging, food, or transportation. Suggested equipment:  a tripod, camera, a 300-400 mm lens for Raptors, and a 400-600 mm lens for Songbirds.  For the Songbirds in Flight sessions, you will need a regular and a remote camera shutter release.  It is also recommended to have an extra camera with a lens around the 70-200 mm range to capture close-up Songbirds in Flight images.   

If you are interested in attending, use the Contact Us form on the Prices & Contact Info page.  Pictured below are images from the March 2023 workshop. 

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